Want to hone your outdoor skills? We’ll teach you all you need to know to be that confident adventurer you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

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  • Canyoning Course North Wales Snowdonia

    3 Day Competent Canyoning Course North Wales Snowdonia

    Learn the skills to safely travel through steep enclosed canyons within North Wales Snowdonia, UK and Europe. Be coached and instructed by qualified UK Canyon Guides Instructors and learn the correct and safe skills to help develop your knowledge and enjoyment of this fast and growing adventure sport of Canyoning


    £330.00 per person and a minimum of 4 persons to run a course

    not rated From: £330.00
  • Private Guided Activities and Courses

    Activity Price

    Total cost £180.00 for 1 person up to 3 people

    Seren Ventures can offer you the total private guided experience for all our adventure Activities, Mountain Guided Walks and Mountain Skills Courses in North wales Snowdonia, Lake District and Scotland.

    The cost for 1 or 3 people will give a guide ratio of 1:1 or 1:3 ratio to give the most from their experience with our qualified instructors.

    not rated From: £180.00
  • Private Guided Winter Course and Activities

    Mountain Skills Courses to Adventure Activities SerenVentures offers private guided days for that special bespoke experience.

    If your wanting to hone a particular skill from rock climbing, Scrambling Mountain Walking or even sharing a special memory on with someone special on an Adventure Activity day

    We offer Private guided days on all our summer Courses from Snowdonia in North Wales to the Lake District and Scotland

    not rated From: £200.00
  • Snowdonia Climbers self rescue skills

    Snowdonia Climbing self rescue skills 1 day course

    A day looking at how to get yourself out of trouble should things start to go wrong. From hoists to counter balance abseils, we’ll cover a lot in this day all of which any self sufficient climber should be well versed with.

    This could be a life saver!

    To make the most of this course you’ll need some leading experience, ideally multi pitch too

    Course cost

    £100.00 per person

    ratio 1:2

    not rated From: £100.00
  • Beginners Rock Climbing Course in Snowdonia, North Wales

    Beginners Rock Climbing North Wales

    Beginners Rock Climbing Course in Snowdonia

    Do you want to learn to climb or have a go and find out what’s it all about? Then join us for 2 packed days on this beginners rock climbing course in Snowdonia.

    not rated From: £190.00
  • Rock Climbing Snowdonia Learn to Lead (3 days)

    You have rock climbing experience already as a second, but you want to be on the sharp end! Then join us for 3 days of climbing in the beautiful surrounding of the mountains of  Snowdonia in North Wales

    not rated From: £270.00
  • Rock Climbing Snowdonia Indoors to Out (2 days)

    Snowdonia Rock Climbing Course

    You’ve got the taste for climbing from your local indoor wall and are thinking about having a go on the real stuff. Then this is the course for you.

    not rated From: £160.00
  • Advanced Navigation Snowdonia (2 days)

    Do you do some navigating already but would like to learn more? If so then this 2 day Navigation Course will provide you with the knowledge and practice to give you more confidence in those trickier situations.

    not rated From: £160.00
  • Beginners Navigation Snowdonia (2 days)

    If you’ve done some hillwalking but don’t feel confident navigating or you haven’t navigated at all, this two day beginners navigation course in Snowdonia, North Wales, will give you plenty of practice and a great start.

    not rated From: £140.00
  • Beginners Scrambling North Wales Snowdonia

    Beginners Scrambling Course

    The middle ground between mountain walking and rock climbing. Scrambling is an exciting mountain sport in it’s own right and is a great way to explore the mountains.

    not rated From: £180.00
  • Advanced Scrambling skills North Wales Snowdonia

    You are already doing classic Snowdonia Grade 1 scrambles such as Tryfan’s North ridge and Crib Goch, but want to try some of those Grade 2’s and 3’s? Then this scrambling course is for you.

    not rated From: £200.00
  • Start Mountain Walking Snowdonia

    Take up a new hobby and start mountain walking! This 3 day beginners walking course in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales is ideal if you have little or no experience of mountain walking but want to get started.

    not rated From: £160.00