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North Ridge of Tryfan Mountain Guided Scramble

Tryfan North Ridge Mountain Guided walk and Scramble 


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Groups 4 or more £55.00 per person
Groups of 8 or more discount applies

Click here to book a private experience for 1 to 3 persons, £180.00 total.

Meeting time time 08.30am

LOCATION Climbers Shop Capel Curig

Rising from the Ogwen valley,our route takes you up the famous north ridge to the twin pillars of Adam and Eve.

Tryfan is one of the most iconic mountains in Snowdonia and it dominates the skyline of the beautiful Ogwen valley in Snowdonia.

Tryfans Rugged ridges and routes offers challenges to all from new pioneers to experienced Mountaineers

Booking with SerenVentures, you will be accompanied by a highly experienced Instructor/ Guide who will not only look after you but will show you some of the dramatic ways to the summit


Rising from the Ogwen valley to 3,020 feet (915 metres), Tryfan looks majestic. The famous north ridge rises from the valley to the twin pillars of Adam and Eve and this is our chosen route.

Tradition says that upon first climbing Tryfan, you must jump from one pillar to the other. Down on the ground, this wouldn’t be a problem, but 3000 feet up and the cliffs of the East face next to you, it’s a different prospect. Don’t worry it’s not obligatory.

We make our way up the classic ridge, taking care over the rocky broken ground providing endless challenge and changing views. George Borrow, in his classic book, “Wild Wales”, described Tryfan as the “…second of the hills which stood on the left”! The poor man clearly never experienced the North ridge!

After enjoying the summit views, we’ll descend the slightly easier south ridge before descending by either Cwm Tryfan or Cwm Bochlwyd, the choice is ours on the day.

Afterwards, driving down the Ogwen valley will never be the same as you say “I’ve climbed that!”.



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