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  • North Ridge of Tryfan Mountain Guided walk

    Tryfan North Ridge Mountain Guided walk and Scramble 

    Rising from the Ogwen valley,our route takes you up the famous north ridge to the twin pillars of Adam and Eve.

    Tryfan is one of the most iconic mountains in Snowdonia and it dominates the skyline of the beautiful Ogwen valley in Snowdonia.

    Tryfans Rugged ridges and routes offers challanges to all from new pioneers to experienced Mountaineers

    Booking with SerenVentures, you will be accompanied by a highly experienced Instructor/ Guide who will not only look after you but will show you some of the dramatic ways to the summit

    not rated From: £55.00
  • Welsh 3000 Guided Walk Mountain Challenge

    Welsh 3000 Guided Walk Mountain Challenge

    Welsh 3000 Guided Walk Mountain Challenge

    Attempt to complete all fifteen of the Welsh 3,000 feet mountains in Northern Snowdonia over 3 days as featured in the Times newspaper.

    Use the calendar to book online or see below for more information about the 3000 mountain challenge.

    not rated From: £180.00
  • Beginners Rock Climbing Course in Snowdonia, North Wales

    Beginners Rock Climbing North Wales

    Beginners Rock Climbing Course in Snowdonia

    Do you want to learn to climb or have a go and find out what’s it all about? Then join us for 2 packed days on this beginners rock climbing course in Snowdonia.

    not rated From: £160.00
  • Rock Climbing Snowdonia Learn to Lead (3 days)

    You have rock climbing experience already as a second, but you want to be on the sharp end! Then join us for 3 days of climbing in the beautiful surrounding of the mountains of  Snowdonia in North Wales

    not rated From: £270.00
  • Rock Climbing Snowdonia Indoors to Out (2 days)

    Snowdonia Rock Climbing Course

    You’ve got the taste for climbing from your local indoor wall and are thinking about having a go on the real stuff. Then this is the course for you.

    not rated From: £160.00
  • Advanced Navigation Snowdonia (2 days)

    Do you do some navigating already but would like to learn more? If so then this 2 day Navigation Course will provide you with the knowledge and practice to give you more confidence in those trickier situations.

    not rated From: £120.00
  • Beginners Navigation Snowdonia (2 days)

    If you’ve done some hillwalking but don’t feel confident navigating or you haven’t navigated at all, this two day beginners navigation course in Snowdonia, North Wales, will give you plenty of practice and a great start.

    not rated From: £110.00
  • Beginners Scrambling North Wales Snowdonia

    Beginners Scrambling Course

    The middle ground between mountain walking and rock climbing. Scrambling is an exciting mountain sport in it’s own right and is a great way to explore the mountains.

    not rated From: £160.00
  • Advanced Scrambling skills North Wales Snowdonia

    You are already doing classic Snowdonia Grade 1 scrambles such as Tryfan’s North ridge and Crib Goch, but want to try some of those Grade 2’s and 3’s? Then this scrambling course is for you.

    not rated From: £170.00
  • Start Mountain Walking Snowdonia

    Take up a new hobby and start mountain walking! This 3 day beginners walking course in the heart of Snowdonia, North Wales is ideal if you have little or no experience of mountain walking but want to get started.

    not rated From: £160.00
  • Trek Training North Wales Snowdonia

    These 2 days will help you prepare for your overseas trekking trip, whether it be Kilimanjaro, Everest Base camp or the Inca trail and many other multi day treks


    not rated From: £90.00
  • Snowdon winter skills

    Welsh Winter Skills Snowdonia (2 days)

    Winter Skills Snowdonia, North Wales

    Join us for two packed days of instruction and winter mountain walking in Snowdonia, North Wales. Learn the skills to support you to develop from a summer mountain walker into a winter mountaineer learning new skills to give you the opportunity to move throughout he beautiful alpine snow capped mountains of Snowdonia safely.

    We will teach you to safely plan your winter mountaineering day, from learning how to ice axe arrest, cut steps, move proficiently over winter ground, safeguard each other on steep snow covered slopes and also look at weather and avalanche forecasting, plus how to put them into practice for a safe enjoyable day out in the mountains of Snowdonia and United Kingdom.

    not rated From: £140.00